Before The Dinosaurs – Set Yourself Free

Before The Dinosaurs began with front-man and main songwriter Jordan Best (Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar) He took his songs and vision to a new light when he found his band members: Chris Bishop on Bass, Ryan Mazerolle (Squintin’ Tarantino) on Guitar and Christian Arsenault on Drums.​ Jordan wrote his first song when he was 6 years old and started his journey in a band during the summer of 2016 with his project ‘Short For Arthur’. Over time, his music transformed as he underwent member changes in late summer of 2021 forming what is now BtD.

“‘Set Yourself Free’ is just about how we are the ones that imprison ourselves in our own minds—or life for that matter,” explains Best. “How we think act and behave is what keeps us trapped. Until we realize that, we can’t change it and to change it we have to essentially let everything go and step into our power; break free from what you were taught growing up—through your parents, peers, society and institutions—and rediscover yourself. It’s having the courage to step into the unknown and embrace new opportunities. Just goes to show that when you let go of the weight in your life, you make room for better things “Most importantly, you are the only one that can set yourself free. You are the only one with the key to the cage.” Before The Dinosaurs hammer that message of positivity home with riffs skimmed right from the top of the ‘90s and the massive production talents of Don Levandier (The Motorleague)