MP Grey – Hunt For Attraction

MP Grey is back with his new single ‘Hunt For Attraction‘. The song starts out mysteriously and builds up tension with its dynamic, Rock-oriented attitude, only to pick up full speed with a funky Pop chorus. The German producer pulled out all the stops for this track and created a blend that easily manages to combine Disco basses, ‘Depeche Mode harmonies‘ and timeless Pop with modern beats and soundscapes so that the track always sounds like 2022.
MP Grey picture 1
Lyrically, the song picks up on the pursuit of unhealthy perfectionism, because we try so hard to be perfect with our looks or our bodies in a modern world that it sometimes becomes an obsession. Time is our counterpart and always one step ahead of us, as we can never achieve eternal youth. MP Grey, alias Martin Polle, also worked on this song with the exceptional singer Rudiger from LA, who refined the track with his smoky and energetic voice.
MP Grey picture 2
Rudiger works regularly with the German producer and, like on the debut LP ‘Merged Time‘ and various singles, co-wrote the vocals. His musical and creative output has already earned MP Grey great recognition from critics and fans around the world and has brought well over 300k streams on Spotify.