Silk Skin Lovers – Moon, 1AM

Between frantic rhythms and looming melodies, Silk Skin Lovers paint a nocturnal universe, a drunken buzz mixed with the melancholy of a late night. Through their musical aesthetic, the young musicians invite the audience to join them in losing themselves in a world of nostalgic surrealism

The first seeds of Bloom were planted in the summer of 2020. As a young and developing band, we found ourselves growing in a context that was harsh and complicated, as opportunities for artists were scarce to non-existent for a period. The EP was a natural response to not only the artistic restraints we were faced with, but the frustration of being away from what we love to do, and further from our aspirations as musicians.
Since the release of our very first singles, our music has dreamed up a universe that is nocturnal and intangible – Bloom undoubtedly expands and enhances this universe, following a path that dances from splashes of playful delight, to late-night melancholy; from the blurring of memories to the brink of sobering up. The lyrics embroider these scenes through their pondering of the surreal, but have the capacity to stay grounded in very real issues, such as Annie Chases A Butterfly, where we challenge racism and police violence.
The single of the EP, Moon 1AM, collects and synthesises many of our main influences, and defines our EP in a way. A lively track with a fast tempo, it calls the audience to frenzy with its hectic rhythm and memorable riff, opening up to a starry contemplation of soaring melodies and haunting harmony. We wanted to make this particular song more progressive, with unexpected sequences leading the listener into a captivating groove of joyful sorrow. The perfect finish, we believe, to our first EP.
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