Robespierre – She’s a Loner

Robespierre is a Parisian band created by Robin Gentien (Guitar) and Pierre Karson (Voice & Harmonica), who have been sharing the stage and the studio in many projects for over ten years. Since 2019, Robespierre has developed its original songs and sound, especially during their monthly lab-residency on the Péniche Anako, where they invite many guests from all musical genres and eventually finished forming the band. Their work combines the warmth of a bedroom, the sweetness and generosity pop songs as well as the burning and contagious energy of a great live band supported by a thrilling complicity on the stage.

With their first EP, Parisian band Robespierre offer a melodious, charming and heady getaway. Fruity Tuesday is like and unfolding palette of colors and atmospheres : the cosy rhythms and warm percussions carry sensitive and sharp guitars, giving the floor to clear and dreamy voices. This EP’s many influences spice up an original yet familiar music. Each song is tainted with enough thrill and nostalgia to make it last inside your head. Fruity Tuesday is an ode you’ll keep humming with a smile on your face. To be listened to under every circumstance and all week long.