Wyatt Edmondson – Give A Damn

Some artists need a fair amount of hit-and-miss time to develop their songwriting acuity, while others have a clear sense of self and know exactly how to put their best foot forward with the words they pen and the music they make, right out of the box. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Wyatt Edmondson is planted firmly in the latter category.

The proof can be found deep within the grooves of his five-track If I Don’t Try EP, which is set for independent release on all digital platforms as well as on CD and vinyl on February 21, 2020. From the hopeful resonance of the aurally enticing opening title track “If I Don’t Try” to the understated acoustic shimmer of “Amber” to the intimate-partner travelogue of “Lovers Lake,” Edmondson displays an original voice that’s much wiser beyond his years. “I think it’s really important to be authentic to yourself,” Edmondson believes. “As long as you put your heart and soul into your music and make it your own, people will see that — and they’ll respect you for it. And they’ll identify with it, too.”

About The Song:

“Give A Damn,” written solely by Wyatt Edmondson, is the perfect concoction of country and americana music.  EarToTheGround Music commented on the songs saying, “If you’re a fan of jukeboxes and staying out a little too late, you’ll dig this track. I bet if you put this song on your summer BBQ playlist, you’ll smile every time you hear it.”