Wild Fire – When It Wasn’t

Though still in their teens, sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig, a.k.a. Wild Fire, prove this point at show after show, in song after song. Their self-titled, debut EP Wild Fire confirms that their future is bright. Their 2022 album “In Between” confirms that this future is now, with a soundtrack that’s infectious, fun and impossible to resist. More than that, they are already conveying their stories through music in ways that inspire with audiences their age and beyond. Singly and in harmony, they channel the optimism of youth, sprinkle in the spice of early insight into life’s lessons, super-charge it with jolt of pop and the sass of country.


Written & produced in Nashville with Warner-Tamerlane artist Brandon Ray, “When It Wasn’t” is about the illusion of falling in love. Sometimes we think we are in love, but later discover the connection was never really genuine. Wild Fire’s sound continues to evolve in this latest release, encompassing elements of country, pop & rock that fuse into a distinctive style.