The Sensitive Club – The Sensitives

THE SENSITIVE CLUB is a new project from the multi-instrumentalist and composer Ben Moro, former singer and guitarist in the punk band Garage Elizabeth The Second. The Sensitive Club is a studio project that aims at total artistic expression and the DIY concept. The composer in fact totally played and produced the single in question (also from a graphic and video point of view)that is mastered at the Hypnoise Recording Studio by the sound engineer Filippo Galvanelli and distributed on the main digital platforms on the music market.

“The Sensitives” will be released on April 2, 2022 presenting sounds and lyrics born a few years ago, between cinematic sounds full of ethereal and emotional vibrations. Something mesmerizing that shakes the soul to the depths, keeping us clinging to listening. The music, full of reverbs , transports us into a vortex of contrasting melodies that are conveyed by a wall of sound. An odyssey of sounds, sometimes heavy but accompanied by a melodic and deep voice. Contaminations Shoegaze, Post Rock, dronic and psychedelic hints between otherworldly melodic intertwining. The Sensitive Club wants to stimulate the emotional part of the listener without letting him escape.