Peter Lake – Sweet Abyss (What if I need you?)

Peter Lake, the world’s only anonymous singer-songwriter, strikes again with his brilliant and catchy EP, entitled “Black&White.” Says the artist, “This one doesn’t suck; it’s a real thing.” The Black&White EP was released last week after a very busy 18 months, in which Mr. Lake has come onto the scene slowly, and then all at once. His popularity is reflected in his millions of YouTube and Spotify streams alone.

Yet to say this whole situation is strange would be an understatement. How has an artist come this far, and achieved this level of success, with almost no public footprint, aside from his Instagram? Black&White is the fourth EP from the so-called “Shadow of New York”, who is more specifically a singer-songwriter of Canadian extraction. The lead song “Sweet Abyss” is a beautiful sonic journey that features Lake at his best, incorporating electronic hooks that solidify a catchy, albeit dark, chorus. The song moves from a smooth melody to primal screams.