Old Foes – Fear Of


Formed in 2021, Old Foes is the brainchild of American rock-newbie Kyle Rigsby, based in Baltimore, Maryland. Recorded at the Charm City’s local Deep End Studios by engineer Tony Correlli and complimented by the musical prowess of drummer Jeremy Robinson and lead guitarist Eric McCullough, Old Foes roars forward with compelling tunes, rich with thundering melodies and cuttingly beautiful songwriting. Prepare to head bang, waltz, scream, and shout “hallelujah” to the undeniable new comers: OLD FOES.

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Hot News

Old Foes is currently underway with the release of their self-titled ‘Old Foes’ album, with a unique bi-weekly release schedule that began March 14th with the introductory banger “Appetite” and will conclude with the 10th and final track on 2 July 18th. The album’s release provides Old Foes time to build its following from scratch while supplementing with social media posts by band founder/manager and song-writer Kyle Rigsby under username @old_foes. Fans of hard rock will be drawn by 5 hard rock tracks, establishing the ‘Foes as competent maestros of aggressive riff-driven rock. Rigsby has stated his intent to make the premierproject an ‘eclectic’ project incorporating prog and even soft-rock tracks around the mid-point, before ramping up for a high-paced love letter to classic rock.