Mokita x Augustana – Echo

About the song:

Stunning and beautiful duet from Mokita and Augustana. Much like a living being with a heartbeat of its own, music naturally morphs for Mokita. The Nashville-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer aka John-Luke Carter channel the energy of these fluctuations into his artistry. Floating freely between pop, folk, alternative, and indie, he fearlessly embraces his creative inclinations, presenting a personal and poignant sound in the process. After racking up hundreds of millions of streams and earning acclaim from Wonderland, Billboard, and more, he continues to break boundaries on his 2022 EP, Color Me In [Nettwerk].

“I always want to switch it up,” he notes. “I don’t want to do the same thing for every song. I don’t want to follow the same formula over and over again. I’m not afraid to challenge myself. It helps me continue to grow. In the past, a lot of my songs were inspired by breakups. This time, I dove deeper into questions I’ve been wrestling with about spirituality and life. I’m at a different spot. The project came out of this new season.”

About Mokita:

Hailing from Asheville, NC, John-Luke absorbed a passion for music through his parents. Mom sang, and dad played guitar in addition to serving as a pastor. At six years old, John-Luke started taking piano lessons. During middle school, he picked up a guitar for “the classic reason—to impress a girl,” he laughs. Visiting the library, he spent countless hours listening to CDs, consuming everything from Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard to John Mayer as well as Top 40. Playing music throughout college, he landed in Nashville to focus on his songwriting.


He constantly ground behind the scenes. In addition to co-writing “Summer Feeling” for Matoma & Jonah Kagen, “IDK where I’m at rn” for Gavin Haley, “Throwing Punches” for Chaz Cardigan, and more, he shined on a series of collaborations, including “Take It Back” with Ella Vos, “Speeding Up” with Slenderbodies, “All Into Nothing” with R3HAB, and “I’m Sorry” with Stand Atlantic, to name a few. Additionally, he lent his talents to remixes for G-Eazy, Daya, Rob Thomas, and more with GOLD HOUSE. In 2019, he unveiled the 4201 EP powered by “More Than Friends,” “Inside Out,” and “ICLYA.” On its heels, “Colorblind” exploded to the tune of 63.2+ million Spotify streams. 

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