Hunnid – Want Me

Hunnid released “Want Me” March 26, 2021. The song was written, recorded and produced/ engineered in Hunnid’s hometown of Chicago, IL. With this track, Hunnid wanted to provide his listeners with a distinct and different sound, infusing hip-hop, afro-beat and pop influences, while focusing on his strong female audience. The single has already gaining much traction, with features on several International Blogs, such as Setemusic, Giro MPB, Unica Radio, Urban Gospel, with additional write-ups on the way. The song really plants you right on the beach, overlooking the waves and drinking something fruity with an umbrella in it. At the core of this song, Hunnid takes the position of a man who knows a woman he is pursuing is playing hard to get.

He is trying to let her know she can let her guard down because her heart is safe with him. The meaningful lyrics and melodies blend well together, making this easy to sing and dance along too while also creating relatable content and bars. The uniqueness of this really sets the track apart and lets it stand out from the rest. This track is positioned to do very well on platforms concentrating on Afro-beat or Hip-pop with a focus on the female listener, such as playlists, blogs, write-ups and/or social posts. Links to the song and video are listed below for you to listen/watch and enjoy the record as much as Hunnid enjoyed creating it.