Graffiti Welfare – Echoes of Our Sound

Graffiti Welfare is an Austin-born, Denver-based artist, who made his debut with the release of his EP, Into the Soul of Space, in August 2016. His journey as a bedroom artist began from a fascination with Tame Impala’s Lonerism and the purchase of a used Roland Juno-G. After making the switch to Ableton, he took in new scenery in Colorado, where he moved for grad school and released his debut, picking up plenty of traction on meditative playlists. Shortly after his debut, Graffiti Welfare was noticed by the indie Italian record label, MilleVille Music, who is currently promoting and distributing Grafitti Welfare’s music across Europe.

About the song:

Echoes of our sound is a sincere, nostalgic lullaby of gratefulness to the universe for being alive – a love song to existence at large, laced with an irony that everyone everywhere is part of the sound vibrations echoing throughout the cosmos.