Fior – YOYO

Named one of People magazine’s emerging artists to watch this Spring, independent artist Fior makes sleek, beat-driven, pop-infused music with elements of R&B, rock, and soul. There’s a modern, atmospheric quality to her sound, where trap beats and symphonic swells provide a rich textural backdrop for her lush, agile vocals.

About this song:

“YOYO” (You’re On Your Own) is a summer-ready disco funk track with a bright and memorable hook that highlights FIOR’s rich and soulful vocals. Driven by a heavy-hitting 90’s-inspired bassline, produced by the legendary Scott Storch, the infectious record celebrates the freedom of moving on and cements FIOR’s status as a star on the rise. The track is accompanied by a colorful video directed by Alfredo Flores (Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez) that sees FIOR and her friends dancing and hanging out at a skatepark, who are keeping their eye on a particular mysterious skater.