Chris Andreucci – Strangers in a Bar

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Chris Andreucci is a country music artist and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Dubbed as “Scotland’s Best Country Music Artist” by Capital FM, the singer/songwriter has built a loyal and steadily growing fanbase across the UK, Europe and USA. Andreucci puts a Scottish twist on the current Nashville sound, pulling from influences such as Bruce Springsteen, Luke Combs and Eric Church. With an extensive back catalog, Andreucci continues to write meaningful songs with memorable lyrics and great musical hooks.

About The Song:

Chris shared the back story on creating ‘Strangers in a Bar’ saying, “For me a bar is an interesting place, where people meet for the first time and old friends catch up, where love flourishes over a cold beer and can also end just a few stools down the bar. ‘Strangers in a Bar’ tells the story of two broken-hearted strangers who go to a bar to drown their sorrows and end up falling for each other over time. We tried to encapsulate the idea that two people meet, become friends and then lovers but then the relationship ends and they become strangers again. I love the full circle aspect of this song and it’s something I think people will really relate to as we all have had people in our lives that became strangers again through time.”