Koenix – Let’s Dadada

Koenix emerged in 2009 from a street music project by Swiss musicians – Jonas Martin Schneider (vocals, bagpipes), Michael Hugi (bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy), Marco Piccapietra (bouzouki, sitar) and Philipp Eichenberger (drums) – at “Medeltidsveckan” on Gotland (SE), Scandinavia’s largest medieval festival. The international spirit remained: since then, the band established itself at medieval, folk and indie festivals in various European countries. Koenix has published four studio albums. The fifth will be released in 2022.

Why are you resisting? Leave the past behind, come to life today. Let’s dance!” This ska-punk influenced song in English is a joyful invitation to forget your sadness for a while and live for the moment in dance. Features special use of shawms and accordion.