aboynamedblu – Bending

aboynamedblu is a songwriter, singer and producer currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa where he does most of his writing & recording.

NEW EP!! 404 USER NOT FOUND – 11 MARCH 2022.
“I wanted to capture this moment that best reflects this place that we’re in right now. The vastness of the internet seems overwhelming and building genuine connections with people is getting more and more difficult. My best friend and co producer Cat Gallent and I, found ourselves asking how do we resonate with people without shoving content in their faces, and it just became so clear that focusing on what the sentiment is in the music, speaks a lot louder than anything else. So we moved our studio from the city out to a farm, and created an environment where we can focus on just that So this is it, the story about the boy who almost became famous but got lost on the internet”