Silk Skin Lovers – Forever

Silk Skin Lovers was born when Callum (England) and Félix (France) met during a school exchange, quickly brought together by their common musical influences and their attraction for literature. The group was joined by Lucas, who enhanced the compositions and musical production; a first series of tracks was released, including the singles “Crystal Blues” and “Late Night Waltz”. Together, they produced their first EP “Bloom” released on June 4, 2021, preceded a few weeks earlier by the single “Moon, 1AM”. Between frantic rhythms and soaring melodies, Silk Skin Lovers depict a nocturnal universe where the energy of exhilaration meets the melancholy of a late night. Through a music inhabited by the aesthetics of New Wave, the young musicians invite the audience to join them to dance and get lost in their nostalgic surrealism.

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‘Forever’ is a ballad, a haunting slow song that naturally invites the listener to daydream. In a polar twilight with pastel shades, brightly colored spots, bursts of melancholy, euphoria, and happiness are stirring. Forever is a passionate love song in which the present, the past and the future mingle, confronting their hopes and fears. A melancholic journey between Beach House, Her’s and The Smiths.