Gavriel x Yosef David – I Am Awake

New York Native Gavriel, born Phillip Reichmann, is a singer / songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who often draws comparisons to Michael Bublé, Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi. His forthcoming LP “What I’ve Found” was produced by Richie Canata, the saxophone player for Billy Joel at Cove City Sound Studios where influential records by Joel, Marc Anthony and Celine Dion were made. When speaking about Gavriel, Canata said “He is one of the most refreshing artists we have worked with in a long time. He will reach many people with his great music and lyrics.”
The youngest of six brothers, the 23 year old grew up listening to classic rock greats like the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin and doesn’t remember a time when music wasn’t a significant part of his life. He started playing piano at four years old and has since mastered guitar, drums and ukulele as well. An Orthodox Jew, Gavriel has spent much of the last five years of his life studying Talmudic law in Israel.
While a lifelong musician he only began to write original music in September of 2019 after being inspired by his recent marriage. When asked why he performs and writes he said “Playing music has always come naturally to me, it’s something that seems to happen to me without seeking it out.” When not writing and performing live Gavriel can be found hiking, traveling and volunteering with organizations that assist children with chronic illnesses.
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