Emmrose – Run

Emmrose (Emma Torrison) is an eighteen-year-old songwriter whose career began four years ago when she wrote her first pop song in math class. To date, she has released 13 singles, an award winning EP Hopeless Romantics, and is currently working on her second EP while going to college in New York City. Her previous singles got in two Spotify editorial playlists and one was even aired in MTV’s Teen Mom. Her universe lies between Adèle and Florence and the Machine, between classic minimalist pop and progressive folk, with moving melodies and a sparkling energy.
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EMMROSE EMPOWERS THE BROKEN-HEARTED WITH HER INDIE-POP ANTHEM “RUN” “Times are changing, all the power lies with me” Release date : 02/11/2022 ““Run” is a song that empowers those who need to break free from a toxic relationship and partner. It opens with a powerful drum beat that immediately draws in the listener to hear the lyrics and vocals of Emmrose. The indie-pop production is significantly new for the artist : the song was written and recorded in their Brooklyn studio with her producer Mike Abiuso who set her lyrics and melodies to an electronic, synth-based sound, which is quite a departure from her recent releases. “”Run” was such an empowering song to write. I wanted to create a breakup anthem for anyone who had been through or was currently in an abusive relationship. I wanted it to be inspiring for my listeners by bringing awareness on how toxic behavior in relationships is never ‘normal’ or ‘fine’. When the person you’re in a relationship with manipulates or gaslights you, it’s really important to end that relationship.”