Astyria – How A Storm Breaks

On her debut EP Alibis, Astyria paints epic medieval soundscapes as her booming voice is mixed over cutting-edge musical production tools. The juxtaposition of these distant fantastical past and contemporary music colliding yields for an intense and addicting listen that’s unlike anything else. It’s almost as if Astyria transported back to the ancient medieval times with a synthesizer, electronic drum pad, and her hauntingly gorgeous voice and began to write songs for both the war-mongers and romantics of the middle ages.

Whether it’s the slow-chugging build of anticipation on “Kingdom Come” or the massive beat drops on “Hold Your Breath”–there’s always deep emotion and memorable sonic moments seamlessly woven throughout Alibis. The imaginative and cinematic music uses elements of dark-pop music to make for an ethereal ambiance that builds onto itself and evolves naturally. Like a good fantasy tale, Alibis instantly transports listeners to an ancient world or an entirely different universe altogether.
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