Children of Indigo – College Kid

Children of Indigo is an Indie Folk band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With the intent of inspiring others, their sound is characterized by a combination of unique acoustic guitar progressions, moving harmonies and nostalgic lyrics. This compelling combination takes the listener on a journey filled with comforting textures and timeless, emotional stories.
While rooted in tradition, the band brings a new and youthful perspective into the Canadian folk scene. Following those who paved the path while also creating an intense, beautiful and immensely refreshing experience. Boasting over 600,000 listeners worldwide and 1 Million streams across online platforms, Children of Indigo have proven themselves to be outstanding songwriters who naturally align with those who have a love for meaningful, honest and thought-provoking songs.
The band will be releasing their debut album in summer 2022. 
Children of Indigo’s new single was inspired by their own experiences in college. Despite the good memories, the new freedoms and high expectations can quickly turn into a downward spiral of bad habits, loneliness and depression. ‘College Kid’ is about is about finding your way while overcoming the challenges of peer pressure, self-doubt, and the transition into “adulthood”.