Alec Hutson – Boston for the Weekend

Artist Bio

Alec Hutson is a musician of multitudes. The multi-instrumentalist (sax, guitar, and piano) and multihyphenate (singer-songwriter-player-producer-videographer) Hutson, a compulsive student of masters past, stirs a spicy blend of old and new-school influences in his bubbling musical cauldron. Within you’ll find sultry soul and funk and folk, the ineffable indieness of Jeff Buckley and Jose Gonzalez, the raw punchy power of Lake Street Dive and Radiohead. Altogether, the amalgamation lends his intricate, innovative tunes a warm, near-eerie familiarity. And the end result? “A groovy indie sound that’s both catchy and contemplative” (WBUR ARTery).

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Fresh off multiple nominations for Best Video of the Year (2020 Boston Music Awards and the 2021 New England Music Awards) and with a two-part concept album due later this year, Hutson has proven time-and-again to possess that rarest of gifts: a talent for creating music of the moment, whatever that moment may be.