ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA – Music Is My Happiness


A woman, a violin, a loop station. Nora Kudrjawizki gives well-known songs their very own sound and character. With her ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA, the Berlin violinist turns her one-woman show into a band performance – and is celebrated for it by her Berlin fans. Her Maschinenhaus concert in 2020 was sold out in no time. She is already an established fusion violinist in the field of neo-classical music. Nora has participated in numerous orchestral, rock and pop projects and is also active as an author and composer.

About The Song

“Music Is My Happiness“ was written 2022 for people all over the world. It’s a song for good mood, love, happy vibes, joyful minutes and hope. The sounds, the lyrics and the voice are in perfect harmony with the mood of the track. An original violin sound manages to mark a very light dance rhythm. All the elements are blended very well, drag the listener and leads him to dance. Music is an international language and has the power to bring people together. So let’s spread this message and song: MUSIC IS MY HAPPINESS