Drew Schueler – Ruins

May 27, 2022 – Drew Schueler joins Kiki Halliday, to create a beautifully heavy duet. ‘Ruins’ is centered around facing the uncertainties of a relationship and holding on until there is nothing to hold on to. ‘Ruins’ follows up Kiki’s recent successes with sync placements on ‘The Kardashians’, ‘Selling Sunset’, and ‘Queer Eye.’

She’s also working on a new project that she’s obsessed with called KJ WILD. ‘Ruins’ follows up Drew’s successful pop releases, ‘To Know I Hurt You’ and ‘I’d Be Lying’, which explore both sides of an irreconcilable heartbreak. Drew was named a Top 10 finalist of NSAI’s Song Contest two years in a row and a finalist in ISC’s Song Competition. Staytuned, Kiki and Drew are set up for their biggest year yet!