Peter Lake – Stay Baby Stay (Like a Lullaby)

Peter Lake is a Canadian born, New York City based singer-songwriter who revels in anonymity. In an age where privacy is rare, Peter is convinced that his ability to create music is protected by his anonymity, and by working with unconventional partners in an attempt to avoid the constraints of traditional record deals, which often consider recorded music as a means to promote tours.
The anonymous singer-songwriter from New York, Peter Lake, releases a new single next April 1st. STAY BABY STAY (Like a Lullaby).

The creation of SBS (Like a Lullaby) comes from the combination of two songs with two different melodies, after the original song is ready, Lake rips up the script and comes to write a hip-hop song with the same tempo and key, records his new idea, and mixes the two different melodies, which results in a house/dance song. He does this one sitting at his new favourite studio, Quad, in New York City.