Bryan Lanning – Watch ‘Em Grow

Bryan Lanning is a singer/songwriter originally from Emmett, Idaho. A father to two young boys, his family often inspires his music and songwriting. After his album Same Town debuted at #9 on the iTunes Top Country Albums in 2020, Bryan released ‘Walls’ a heartfelt track about the emotional move he made with his family after selling their 5 acre ranch in California. The ‘Walls’ song and music video, starring Bryan and his 7 year old son Oliver, we’re later featured on People.

Bryan and producer Daniel Martin wrote Watch ‘Em Grow with both of their wives after hanging out with a guitar and a couple bottles of wine one night. With two boys and another on the way, Bryan sings about how parenting can change you, nature vs. nurture, and the different challenges you face for your kids. The song was later produced in Nashville live with a full band at East Iris Studios.