Victoria Voss – Thin

Debuting as an artist in late 2018 this rising talent has already managed to raise a lot of attention and combined streams in the millions for her music and collaborations + compositions for others. Her curiosity in people and music from different backgrounds has made her bring forward a broad pallet of songs, seamlessly moving across boundaries of genres. Inspired from France’s culture of poetry, Victoria places emphasis on honesty and playfulness in her lyrics.

After countless hours in the studio during the pandemic, Victoria is now at the onset of delivering a suite of personal, self-written material in a wrapping that gives place to her raw and distinct vocals. About the new single;

”Thin is without a doubt my most intimate release so far. For the first time, I’m opening up about being a very sensitive person deep down, despite my oftentimes tough attitude. The song is first and foremost dedicated to my mom, with whom I have a close relationship but often clash hard with. When we fight, she often accuses me of being coldhearted, which is very painful. As grandiose as it may sound, this song is for me about reconciling with my old vulnerable self and embracing her fully moving into the future.”