Emily James – “Brooklyn”

With sentimental melodies and sparse instrumentals, Emily daydreams of a packed bar in Brooklyn where her love waits. It was inspired by a 2019 trip to New York City, before the pandemic, the lockdowns, the isolation. “It was a time I kept looking back on while in lockdown in LA,” she explains. “The song is about dreaming of being in another place and falling in love at first sight.” It serves as a touching ode to the carefree times traveling with friends and the excitement of chance encounters.
The accompanying video opens with images of New York City projected in a Los Angeles apartment where Emily longingly reflects on the good times. She daydreams about waking up in New York on a rooftop in Los Angeles, embodying the positive energy she misses, yet, despite her wishes, she’s still trapped on the west coast… or is she?
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