For your next release, you’ll need a great lyric video

With lyric videos flooding YouTube over the last decade, many artists wonder if it’s still worth it to go through the hassle of making a music video. To begin with, what is a lyric video? YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for music streaming and discovery, so get your music on there. That being said, in this post, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of both options, so you can make more informed decisions for your next release.
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Advantages of Music Videos

The fundamental benefit of music videos is that they allow the artist to be showcased. People are sociable animals who react positively when they see other people. This is especially true when fans are able to see their favorite performer. So, if you’re attempting to advertise a certain image or appeal to a specific demographic, making a music video might be the best way to go. They do, however, come with a hefty price tag. A music video can cost up to ten times as much as a lyric video.

What is a Lyric Video?

Everyone is familiar with the notion of a music video, but considering their current popularity, it’s reasonable to wonder what a lyric video is and when it should be favored over a music video. Lyric videos, on the other hand, will come out on top if you want to visually communicate the message of your song. You can also aid with branding by including an image of the musician in the lyric video. Lyric videos are not only less expensive to make, but they can even be free. You can make your first lyric video in a day or two if you have a laptop and a basic understanding of a few important apps.

So, which one do I choose?

Consider a music video to be a way to promote an artist or an image, and a lyric video to be a way to promote a song or a release. If money is an issue, a lyric video will almost certainly give you more bang for your buck. However, if money isn’t an issue, consider getting both or a fusion. When in doubt, consult our helpful flowchart!

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