How to increase your Instagram Followers as an artist

Step 1: Create a Free Instagram Business Account

Here’s why:
You gain access to analytics that can assist you in scaling your account more quickly.
Insights analytics, for example, can help you gain a better understanding of your content outreach and engagement. In the long run, you’ll be able to use Insights to track down the content that received the most engagement and recreate future content pieces based on it.
This saves a significant amount of time and energy.
Ad Tools enable you to run and track paid campaigns in order to get the most out of the content you promote. If you’re a business, entrepreneur, or even an individual looking for more control over your Instagram profile, I recommend creating a FREE Instagram Business account.
Note: If you already have a “Professional” account, you can easily switch it to a “Business” account in your Settings.

Step 2: Upload a Professional Instagram Profile Photo

People may have difficulty understanding your Instagram account if your profile pictures are hazy or unclear.
If you are a record label or run a business on Instagram, I recommend using your Brand Logo as your profile picture.
Are you looking for free additional help in removing backgrounds from images? is one option. It allows you to remove the background of your image in seconds.
A professional image establishes the standard and helps people in understanding you or your brand.

Step 3: Start making Your Instagram Bio More Effective

According to several case studies, the average person’s attention span has significantly decreased.
An unoptimized Bio can easily drive your audience away.
So, here’s how you can write your Bio to keep visitors interested in your Instagram account:
First Line: Describe who you are and what you do.
Second Line: What makes your music unique. Try to be as specific as possible.
Third Line: Put your call to action on this line. As an artist, you can include a link in the last or fourth line of your bio.
Fourth Line: As an artist, you may have an online store, a website, a YouTube channel, or products that you want your visitors to look at. You can include a link here to let people know they can go there to access whatever you’re offering. your call to action on this line.
Do you need assistance attaching multiple assets to a single link? can help you connect your audience to all of your content with a single link.
To make clear, a user’s Instagram Bio length has no effect on their follower count.

What Kinds of Content Can You Post on Instagram?

Before you begin, conduct some market research on Instagram Business profiles that are relevant to your niche.
This method will assist you in understanding what is currently working in the market and how you can redesign your content without reinventing the wheel.


More than 70% of Instagram posts are images. This demonstrates that image-based posts are unquestionably dominant on Instagram.
Posting Images is simple because you can easily upload the image of your choice directly from your mobile’s camera roll.
Here’s how an Instagram image post looks:
thought catalog cAEQVM60PLI unsplash

To stand out from the crowd, you add a personal touch to the images you upload.
Pros: It’s simple to upload images directly from your phone’s camera roll.
Cons: Videos have a higher rate of engagement than images.

Text-Based Posts [Quote Cards]

These posts are extremely simple to create and use text to engage your audience.
As an artist, you can inform people about an upcoming release, a contest in which you want people to participate, announce giveaways, and so on.
You can even make a carousel out of multiple text-based posts.
Pros: Easy to create with free tools like Canva. Such posts can be bookmarked and shared with followers (Instagram algorithm loves this)
Cons: If you’re providing some value, market research is required, and it may be difficult to determine what your audience likes or dislikes, or what resonates with them.
souvik banerjee E6Yg8ACZ2vw unsplash

Video Posts

Because of their high rate of engagement and reach, these types of posts are in high demand.
Indeed, videos receive 21% more engagement than other types of posts.
Making videos necessitates both skill and time. However, with tools like Canva and InVideo, you can save time and effort by simply using the templates that these tools provide.
Videos receive twice as many comments as other types of posts.
Pros: Videos are excellent for increasing organic reach and engagement. They have a higher rate of engagement than image-based posts.
Cons: It takes more time and effort, especially when editing videos.
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Carousel Posts

These posts are typically made up of a carousel of multiple images or videos.
Swiping left allows users to scroll through the carousel’s posts.
Carousel posts, in fact, receive 2% more interaction than images.
Pros: You can post up to ten slides of posts within a single carousel.
Cons: Because you create several posts, creating a carousel post can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.


This type of content, which was released in 2020, has skyrocketed in the social media industry.
Reels are 30-second videos that can be scrolled through indefinitely.
Reels are so popular these days that they get 22% more engagement than standard video posts.
Pros: When you upload your 30-second clips to Reels, you have access to a plethora of filters, texts, music, and other cool features.
Cons: There is a learning curve because new features and trends emerge on a regular basis.


This content is in video format, similar to video-based posts; however, you can upload up to 60 minutes of video content to your IGTV.
Pros: You can share up to 60 minutes of video content. On your feed, you can even share a preview of your IGTV video.
Cons: Creating, editing, and uploading long videos to IGTV can take a long time. Instagram’s IGTV still does not support the same search functionality factors as YouTube, such as title and description.

Instagram Stories: How to Use Them

Instagram Stories are 15-second video clips that disappear after 24 hours.
You can even upload stories specifically for your “close friends,” which Instagram offers as an option.
When it comes to sharing your content with your followers, stories have several advantages. Here are a few examples:
You can notify your followers about someone else’s videos, images, or reels by sharing them on your Instagram story.
These are a low-pressure way to interact with your followers through the use of filters, texts, animations, hashtags, icons, and other features.
You can create a quiz on Stories and ask your followers to guess the correct answer. The quiz feature can be used in conjunction with images in the background.
As a musician, you can use Stories to promote your next single, merch, or tour dates. You can even use countdown timers to prepare for a pre-launch.
Because of a recent update, you can now promote any link to your story directly. People with fewer than 10,000 followers can use this feature instead of the “Swipe Up” feature.
claudio schwarz vj3nOtiX85Y unsplash scaled