Marc Delgado – The Cautionary Tale of Richard Manuel

Marc Delgado is a singer/songwriter from Woodstock, NY. Originally from California, Delgado, after working a succession of dead-end jobs, quit everything, got married & moved to the woods. He began writing songs chronicling his life & his odyssey as an addict in the motels & low-income neigbourhoods of The Central Valley & Southern California to redemption & recovery. Delgado’s new record, Wildwood Road, is a psychedelic, poetic, cinematic coming home story. A blend of harrowing accounts of addiction & madness & the surprising & healing power of Love. Recorded @ Hurley Sound in Historic Hurley, New York w partner Producer/Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist Justin Tracy, Wildwood Road is a bold statement & a hat thrown into the ring to announce the arrival of a new songwriter w a vision.