Like Mint – Ghost of What We Know

The Berliner by choice Susi Wittig alias „Like Mint“ is originally from the mountainous Erzgebirge and grew up with music at an early age. She started learning the violin when she was 6 and played and sang in church choirs and school orchestras until she was a teenager. When she taught herself to play the guitar, she learned about the music of singer-songwriters and folk.

While living abroad for a year in the United States, her love for this kind of music was solidified and carried over into her own way of writing. With her debut release in 2017, Like Mint began to carry her songs through the country, making whole rooms float with her elegant truthfulness. She stands close to a group of young singers who are calling out a new sensitivity – Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Rose, Billie Marten. The songs are clear compositions with poetic lyrics. Her voice and guitar take the lead, while harmonies or a warm cello form a framework. Everything results in a folk record with country, pop and indie influences that is worth listening to. Like Mint shows and tells us stories, emotions, situations. However, she doesn’t overwhelm you with her feelings, but leaves space for your own experience. When meeting the audience, a conversation arises that leaves room for the listener. “I want to reveal something about myself, but at the same time set off a resonance inside the person – my songs only come true when they enter into a dialogue.”