GmBt Life – Twelve Days (the “We’ll be alright” song)

GmBt Life = Aleksi Mäkelä + Timo Zwandun + Nabim Fieev
With hearts close to Finland and Afghanistan, GmBt Life is a French based three man band. Aleksi, Timo Nabim are long time mates. They come from different countries, live in different regions, and routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with different intruments and PCs. That’s the way they make songs or bits of music that they attempt to record rapidly.

The three pals are fully independant. They do all you can hear or see: they compose, play the music, record it, mix it, they take the pictures, they make the videos as well as the band website >> They have developped their own play style with atmospheres and textures influenced by the sixties as well as the nineties music scene. Some state that their Music is a blend of the Western way of expression and the Eastern way of thought.