Bedroom Ceilings – Clairvoyance is Never Simple

Bedroom Ceilings’ is the product of two friends, Dean Chittenden and Ben Steer, who began recording together in the winter of 2016. Initially this began as a studio project, and the two members worked on their debut album, Projection Replicator, over the course of 18 months. After completing the project, local radio station WYCE invited the band to play at their music awards show, The Jammies, inspiring the band to become a 6-piece lineup; this led to a string of performances throughout Michigan.

Projection Replicator is a compilation of several years’ work, detailing the difficulties and “growing pains” of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Musically, it is a combination of indie rock, dream pop, and lo-fi, playing into the “daydreamy” aspects of the album. After working together for several years, the overall sound evolved into what would become Another Bulb Burned Out, the band’s sophomore album (May 2020), which is much more directly influenced by folk rock. As chief lyricist and songwriter, Dean visualizes a thematic listening experience, and Ben assists in translating these ideas into working songs, resulting in harmony between mind and matter. Bedroom Ceilings has also released three singles that remain independent from their albums due to stylistic differences – in the words of Chittenden this is “… to keep the grind going, try not to repeat the same ideas, and sort of break the rules of ‘staying within a genre’. And it’s fun.”